Thursday, August 4, 2011

Solid proof that white boys can't dance.

I hope this video works. Braeden's been practicing his version of the actions to the vacation bible school songs that Auntie Jolene was teaching them earlier this summer.
As a safety disclaimer, at one point he walks through a sunny patch with his lily white chub. You may want to divert your eyes for a moment or risk damage from the glare.
Braeden has become quite a dude. He sings, dances, and has taken up talking a bit which I'm thrilled about. I prefer words to the high pitched squealy noise he'd make when he was trying to ask for something. The unfortunate piece is that usually he's asking for something he can't have because if he could have it, it wouldn't be on the highest shelf in the first place. Then he'll squeal/shriek in frustration of my lack of willingness to accommodate his plans. But I do save myself a few squeals a day and that's progress.

While butchering chickens Nadine was telling explaining to me that she'll butcher her own chickens when she grows up. This being because I think she'd like to gut them this year. So one should plan ahead to how we'll meet our goals.
Nadine: Mom when I grow up I'm going to have my own chickens and butcher them. But I'm not going to have one of things.
Me: You mean a husband?
Nadine: Right, I'm not going to have a husband.
Me: Oh, ya, why is that.
Nadine: Because they always sneeze at cats.

Evidently the reasoning behind not being able to have an indoor cat has profoundly affected her. That being they make Tim sneeze...again, planning to meet our goals. Smart girl.

I've been working a fair bit lately. I'm looking forward to doing less of that. But dang it they seem to pay well.
I ate some fresh garden peas yesterday :) THAT was a happy moment :)
I plan to sign up for the Don't Get Lost in the Woods run in GP at the Nordic ski trails in September. Only problem being I'm scheduled to work that weekend, hmmmm. I'm trying to decide between the 13.1 miles, the 6 miles, or the 200m kids fun run ;)
Ryan's taken up running. He used to be the lolly gagging 1/4 mile behind guy and we'd constantly wait for him to catch up. This year he's found his speed and happy feet. He runs, and runs, and runs, and runs. Making family walks both fast and high intensity.

Well, Ryan told me I'd be a really useful engine if I got up and found his Thomas and Gordon trains. I'm not sure if I want to be that useful but my coffee is done so I at least have to get up to refill.