Friday, May 27, 2011

Stethoscope etiquite

Nadine has found my stethoscope and has been practicing with it. She often will come up and plop it on me, or one of her brothers to listen for...she's not sure, but is learning.
Nadine (with ears plugged thereby yelling): Mom I can hear your sniffing. Is that your sniffing? or breathing? It sounds like this *takes a few deep breaths herself*
Me: That's breathing honey.
Nadine (still yelling now with a confused look): Is your heart beating today?
Me: Yes I believe it is, it should be here *locates heart sounds for her*
Nadine: oooooh it's like a musical tune. You're cold.
Me: yes a little bit.
we listen for a bit to the "air puffers and heart thumpers"
Nadine (still yelling): Mom I want to be a vet for lovely animals, not a cold music hearted nurse.
Me (smiling): Good choice.

We now have a new rule that you can't pin down your brother to listen for his air puffers.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Stuff about May

Sitting here after returning home from an incredibly long day at work left me thinking..holy crap it's May 23rd. How in the heck did it become May 23rd, combined with why is it only May 23rd?
May has been a REALLY LONG month that went very fast. That makes no sense I realize but it's how it seems to me. I've been quite neglectful of my blog, but I'm not sure I could have changed that this month.

The spring yard work has kept me busy, work has kept me sporadically busy, running...busy, and photography...ditto, the children have kept me busier than any of the others combined.
Braeden has now mastered the art of climbing. He can get onto anything and everything. I very often find him on the kitchen table, not to be confused with AT the kitchen table, but on it....CRAP!! That was one of the "safe places" I had last week but no more. He likes to climb on chairs to look out the window, and if he hears an outside door opening there's a mad scramble followed by either pinched fingers, and escapee, or a very disappointed little boy. The art of climbing has led to the bruised and battered little boy look for Braeden. He falls off a lot of stuff and is often sporting a new bruise or in yesterdays case, a bit of road rash. He's a quick recoverer though.

Nadine is wrapping up her school year. She'll be officially finished on June 2nd. She told me she feels finished right now, but she will still go. Nadine has a lot of interests cropping up. She loves horses, would like to take riding lessons and maybe we'll work that out this summer. She's developed a big love of photography which I think is very cool. She's even pretty good at it.
The other day she told me "mom when I grow up I want to be just like you. I want to do things just like you do them. Except being lazy like you, I'm not going to do that." How uniquely flattering...

Ryan remains with his one track mind focused on mighty machines. I don't know if I've ever known a little boy so very intensely interested in machinery and equipment. He eats, sleeps, and breaths it. He was even showing his grandpa and I his 'matachments' also known as attachments while we renovated the chicken coop. Each 'matachment' is made out of his hand, and each one useful for a different task be it lifting, scraping, digging, pulling, bunching. You name it he's got a 'matachment' for it. Markers, crayons, or pens are imagined into rebar. Dried up play dough is the jackpot for building a road foundation. You get the picture. He'd really like to go back to Uncle Carmen's to find some more equipment. There is a daily request for that trip.
We exchanged our feelings the other day.
Me: I love you Ryan
Ryan: Ya mom, I love mighty machines.
ok then... :)

I continue to love my family, running, and lately photography is what consumes my thought processes. If someone would pay me to take pictures all day I'd be a happy camper, but instead I continue to work casual saving lives, taking orders, taking flak :) It's a good time :) I attended a photography workshop in the middle of the month. It was a very very cool weekend. I learned to run my camera in full manual mode and all the manipulating of the components to make that work.

My newly titled by Tim, most expensive uncle came to visit this weekend. Uncle Ole brought me a couple lenses to try out. I am now saving my pennies for a macro cool. I'm now being bombarded by questions and am about to become very incoherent so I'll leave it at that and upload some photos. Here is some of my tinkerings.
Braeden became quite interested in the sprinkler.
He was game to give it a go.

But was pretty cheesed off when it sprinkled him.

Nadine in front of a stormy sky. We had quite a storm blow in.
Ryan really likes the outdoorsiness of summer

Sunset behind our house.
Macro is some really cool stuff
this stuff is from the lens that Uncle Ole let me use.

So now I save my pennies for my own macro lens...great fun!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Martha Goes on Vacation.

We just got home from a really lovely vacation. First stop, Edmonton to visit a girl I've known and loved since nursing school but haven't seen for several years. How great to connect with people in person. I couldn't have been more thrilled to hang out, have supper, let the peeps play, all without having to write a paper (or shovel out one as we used to perceive it) together in APA format...for which I'd probably struggle to remember how to do and that likelyhood of a struggle is ok with me, I don't actually want to figure that out again.
I also got to meet a darling new (well 6 month old) baby of one of Tim's cousins, reconnect with some of his family. All in all I was left wondering why we don't scoot down to Edmonton more often but I suppose the answer lies with the the 3 kids we would be bringing along with us, the multiple stops we had to pee on the side of the road, the late nights and early mornings of being callosally off schedule. The thing I now realize is the trip, even after 10 days of traveling, was hugely hugely worth it and bless them the kids traveled phenominally well.

Then a night at a hotel. My kids often confuse the word hotel with hospital. It has struck me several times in my life, especially after my most recent return to work, that this confusion in terms is a really really common among a variety of age groupings. Interesting, but I digress. Hotels are fascinating places to my children. An elevator, which leads to a room with a bed and a TV all perfectly positioned, a window to a cool view of, in this case, a steam roller (true story Ryan was in heaven), we had driven past all kinds of road construction, AND we were right near the airport. Holy moly we had found our Utopia.

Then we headed south and I got the opportunity to deal with one of the issues that caused me the most pause when thinking of how we'd travel...Ryan and his aversion to commercial bathrooms. Now if you put yourself in the shoes of a 3-4 year old boy who has hypersensitive hearing you would probably not like commercial bathrooms either. Maybe even without those variables you find them undesirable. Ryan however doesn't enjoy listening to the loud flushing of the stalls beside him the loud hand dryers and heaven help us at one point one of the motion sensor toilets flushed while he was sitting on it...EPIC.
I didn't know if we'd ever be able to use a commercial bathroom again. Then like an oasis in the desert we came to Uncle Ole's. Stopping for coffee with Ole and Marg on our way to Calgary, Ryan was thrilled with the prospect of "I bet Uncle Ole has a really quiet pot". On our arrival Ryan made a bee line into their bathroom with his pants already around his ankles. When I went to check on him he informed me that this was the nicest bathroom he'd ever been to. It is a lovely bathroom, and profoundly impacted Ryan's day in a really positive way, he used it 4 times over the course of the 2 hour visit. "I'm unloading all my poop into this hole" he told me as he sat on Ole and Marg's toilet for, well, a long time. What is one to respond to that..."great idea" was all I could come up with.
Not only had Ole the greatest bathroom on earth, across the road from his house was parked an excavator. Really could this day get any better!?!?!
Nadine loved on their dogs. Lacey and Chester, Braeden loved the freedom from his car seat, Ryan loved the bathroom. "We'll have to go back there sometime soon" was the consensus from my two speaking children.

Next stop, Calgary. When we drove into Calgary we began revisiting everything Bob the Builder had ever taught us. Roads and bridges, skyscrapers. It was breathtaking :)
Nadine was patiently awaiting her trip to the zoo. Braeden was waiting for the day he wouldn't have to sit in his car seat. Visiting Carmen and Linda was another very bright spot on our tour. According to Nadine, they have the nicest, smoothest bears ever. I really wish I had taken some pictures of them. There was great visiting, great food, great hockey.
"oooo we should go back there again!" "Uncle Carmen cooks really good eggs." and "can you believe we found Chris (their cousin)?!" was the consensus and some of the highlights discussed in the suburban at the completion of our Calgarian tour.
I got to see another of my dearest friends in Calgary. They'd never know it by how often I am or more appropriately am not able to come and see them but I really love and really miss the people I worked with when I lived there. Lucky for me one of them was able to meet us at the zoo with her two charming boys who totally and completely stole my heart.
The zoo has now inspired Nadine on a new career path. Zookeeper. "Mom I'm going to be a zookeeper, I'm going to be in charge of giraffes and lions." She may be quite right.
Braeden surprised me with how interested he was in the animals at the zoo as he rode in the backpack.
Ryan surprised me at how he wasn't so interested in the animals but was THRILLED to see someone shoveling bat poop out of the bat cage...he's a boy who likes to load and shovel. We could have stood there until all the guano was taken care of.

Onward we drove to Kelowna. We had a totally fantastic time there. Kelowna is filled with a lot of great things. We found great family, great dirt to dig in, great creeks, great trails, great parties, great food, more great people. Not the least of the greatness included the energyplex, an indoor playground where the kids met some new friends, climbed, slid, dangled, etc, etc. Upon leaving I hear tell that Nadine was saying farewell to her new friend the young boy's dad said "Well it was really nice to meet you Martha"...

We did a lot, and I do mean a LOT of driving in the last couple weeks and I was completely astonished how well the kids (all 3) travelled. Maybe I've just developed the Loberg pattern hearing loss quite early in life which is also ultimately a male trait but boy...they were just so good. We had a few unplanned stops to pee on the plants in the ditch. But they were just so...pleasant. We didn't even really use media until we were on our way home. Media in the car is something I used to think was lame. Now to whip out an ipod full of kids movies feels like I hold in my hand a mute button. I recognize I shouldn't be astonished by the success of the kids in the car for days on end. They are after all, great kids.

The following is a butt-load of pictures from the Corbett gadabout tour of Alberta and BC of 2011

Great grey owls are really neat-o looking

Black and white makes this picture look less like it wasn't focussed right...which it wasn't :)
I was figuring out using my exposure compensation when shooting into the sun
I'm planning to adopt this theory. It's from my Father-in-law's retirement party.
Ryan got new cars and a whole arsenal of construction equipment
when we got home it seemed time to hit the field