Friday, May 27, 2011

Stethoscope etiquite

Nadine has found my stethoscope and has been practicing with it. She often will come up and plop it on me, or one of her brothers to listen for...she's not sure, but is learning.
Nadine (with ears plugged thereby yelling): Mom I can hear your sniffing. Is that your sniffing? or breathing? It sounds like this *takes a few deep breaths herself*
Me: That's breathing honey.
Nadine (still yelling now with a confused look): Is your heart beating today?
Me: Yes I believe it is, it should be here *locates heart sounds for her*
Nadine: oooooh it's like a musical tune. You're cold.
Me: yes a little bit.
we listen for a bit to the "air puffers and heart thumpers"
Nadine (still yelling): Mom I want to be a vet for lovely animals, not a cold music hearted nurse.
Me (smiling): Good choice.

We now have a new rule that you can't pin down your brother to listen for his air puffers.

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