Saturday, June 4, 2011

Thoughts, questions, and helpful hints from my peeps.

How is one to respond to the following?

Nadine (while watching the June blizzard through the window): See mom you never should have taken the snowsuits downstairs.
Me: Yes you make a very good point.

Nadine: Mom, I still want to be a vet
Me: That's really cool, when I was your size I really wanted to be a vet too.
Nadine: But instead you ended up being a mom.
Me: True
Nadine: Maybe someday we can be vet's together
Me: Maybe
Nadine: Where do you go to have vet lessons? Are there kids there?
Me: Why don't we just conquer grade one first

Nadine: Mom be careful standing on that chair?
Me: Why's that?
Nadine: Because you're SSSOOOOOO big you might break it.
Me: Thanks for being concerned about me sweet pea

Me (to Ryan): Good night buddy I love you
Ryan: Ya, you do but I don't
Me: huh?
Ryan: I just like Dad
Me: Well have a good sleep anyway.

Me: Ryan you can NOT dig up my garden
Ryan: Sure I can mom I'm a backhoe

Ryan (making a subtle protest about not wanting to watch Horten Hears a Who): Dad, Nadine likes puppy shows...THAT is an elephant.

Or what is one to do with a little boy (Braeden) who loves to stick his finger in his belly button and say "poke poke poke poke". Yes that part is cute but has unfortunately morphed into wanting to stick his finger in every one elses belly button to say "poke poke poke poke" WAY less cool.
He's also taken a header into the kids play pool and came up with a sputter, and a laugh. He can do a backwards, and quite graceful dismount off of the couch and really stick the somersault landing. At the moment he's standing on his wheeled ride on dinosaur thing.
Alas we are a charming work in progress on all fronts here.

Nadine's last day of school ensemble. The rubber boots left a very black line from the top of the boots to her toes on her tights.
Her graduation, or 'crasheration' as they're known to Ryan.
Looking ready for summer vacation and grade 1.
It's hard for me to find pictures of Ryan that don't have his face covered in either dirt, or ketchup...go figure.
Braeden would like to figure a few of these things out.
He really really really likes Tim's motorbike (who is blurrier than I'd hoped for this picture). Braeden is reliably disappointed to not be able to go along.

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  1. Oh,Terri! Don't stop writing this blog...I find it so encouraging and uplifting! "I'm a backhoe"...classic...Ryan and Logan are on the same wave length! :)