Sunday, June 5, 2011

Questions, answers, and who-ta-hoops.

I know I was just on here the other day but today's discussion on our walk was just too good not to share.
Since turning 5 and now finishing kindergarten my eldest child has become an absolute wealth of information. Wealth. This wealth of information has made my insights irrelevant, completely and utterly irrelevant. Interestingly enough though the questions haven't stopped. I find that curious but I'm happy for the questions and happy enough for the updated answers.
This evening on a walk our exchange about this phenomenon went like this.
Nadine: (insert a zillion questions here)
Me: (insert applicable answer, or so I thought)
Nadine: No it's not, it's (insert updated more accurate answer here)
After a few exchanges such as this.
Me: It's weird you know, last year when we would go for walks your dad and I would know the answers to these questions but this year we don't seem to be getting any of them right.
Nadine: That is weird. REALLY weird.
Tim and I smiled. :)

In other news...Braeden has taken up "who-ta-hooping", last year known as hula hooping but not this year (see above exchange with Nadine). Braeden's version of who-ta-hooping involves him standing inside the who-ta-hoop and spinning around clapping until he falls over. It's a great sport.

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