Monday, May 23, 2011

Stuff about May

Sitting here after returning home from an incredibly long day at work left me thinking..holy crap it's May 23rd. How in the heck did it become May 23rd, combined with why is it only May 23rd?
May has been a REALLY LONG month that went very fast. That makes no sense I realize but it's how it seems to me. I've been quite neglectful of my blog, but I'm not sure I could have changed that this month.

The spring yard work has kept me busy, work has kept me sporadically busy, running...busy, and photography...ditto, the children have kept me busier than any of the others combined.
Braeden has now mastered the art of climbing. He can get onto anything and everything. I very often find him on the kitchen table, not to be confused with AT the kitchen table, but on it....CRAP!! That was one of the "safe places" I had last week but no more. He likes to climb on chairs to look out the window, and if he hears an outside door opening there's a mad scramble followed by either pinched fingers, and escapee, or a very disappointed little boy. The art of climbing has led to the bruised and battered little boy look for Braeden. He falls off a lot of stuff and is often sporting a new bruise or in yesterdays case, a bit of road rash. He's a quick recoverer though.

Nadine is wrapping up her school year. She'll be officially finished on June 2nd. She told me she feels finished right now, but she will still go. Nadine has a lot of interests cropping up. She loves horses, would like to take riding lessons and maybe we'll work that out this summer. She's developed a big love of photography which I think is very cool. She's even pretty good at it.
The other day she told me "mom when I grow up I want to be just like you. I want to do things just like you do them. Except being lazy like you, I'm not going to do that." How uniquely flattering...

Ryan remains with his one track mind focused on mighty machines. I don't know if I've ever known a little boy so very intensely interested in machinery and equipment. He eats, sleeps, and breaths it. He was even showing his grandpa and I his 'matachments' also known as attachments while we renovated the chicken coop. Each 'matachment' is made out of his hand, and each one useful for a different task be it lifting, scraping, digging, pulling, bunching. You name it he's got a 'matachment' for it. Markers, crayons, or pens are imagined into rebar. Dried up play dough is the jackpot for building a road foundation. You get the picture. He'd really like to go back to Uncle Carmen's to find some more equipment. There is a daily request for that trip.
We exchanged our feelings the other day.
Me: I love you Ryan
Ryan: Ya mom, I love mighty machines.
ok then... :)

I continue to love my family, running, and lately photography is what consumes my thought processes. If someone would pay me to take pictures all day I'd be a happy camper, but instead I continue to work casual saving lives, taking orders, taking flak :) It's a good time :) I attended a photography workshop in the middle of the month. It was a very very cool weekend. I learned to run my camera in full manual mode and all the manipulating of the components to make that work.

My newly titled by Tim, most expensive uncle came to visit this weekend. Uncle Ole brought me a couple lenses to try out. I am now saving my pennies for a macro cool. I'm now being bombarded by questions and am about to become very incoherent so I'll leave it at that and upload some photos. Here is some of my tinkerings.
Braeden became quite interested in the sprinkler.
He was game to give it a go.

But was pretty cheesed off when it sprinkled him.

Nadine in front of a stormy sky. We had quite a storm blow in.
Ryan really likes the outdoorsiness of summer

Sunset behind our house.
Macro is some really cool stuff
this stuff is from the lens that Uncle Ole let me use.

So now I save my pennies for my own macro lens...great fun!


  1. Awesome pics... I'm now saving my pennies for a nice camera, and wish I had it now so I could have come to that workshop too! Keep making & capturing those memories!

  2. Come give mine a try and see if you like it.
    There's talk of them doing another workshop in the fall if you'd be interested in that I'll keep my eye out and pass on info to you if you'd like.