Monday, October 3, 2011

it's FINALLY monday

Well "it's finally Monday Dad!!" Significant being that today, Monday, THIS Monday is the day Ryan can board the school bus for playschool. He woke up a bit nervous. I was surprised about that, but his jitters quickly turned to elation as the time of bus boarding drew nearer.
Then Nadine's pep talks started
Nadine: Do you want to play with me at recess Ryan? You can meet my friend Molly. Mrs Tetreau is very nice Ryan, you'll really like her. You get to sit with ME on the bus! I'll show you where to hang your backpack and jacket. You'll have a hook I have one too but we'll be in different classes.
Ryan: um OK
Nadine: (puts hands on Ryan's shoulders and talks in her most serious tone) Ryan, it's your first day of school (hugs him) good luck at playschool buddy.
Me: (attempts not to laugh audibly)

Nadine didn't actually sleep well last night. She wanted to talk about things, life, her thoughts on growing up.
Nadine: Mom, why doesn't grandma have any kids.
Me: She does but we all grew up and got older
Nadine: (bursts into tears) I don't want to move out!
Me: You're welcome to live here forever.
Nadine: But I want to be a zookeeper (more tears)
Me: (in hopes of just getting the girl some sleep) Great we'll open a zoo. But we can't open one until you're 16 years old. (hoping she'll have changed her mind on growing up by then and for now...just go to sleep, but I thought the concept required some boundary's)
Nadine: OK great mom.

So while I make plans for where to put the giraffe barn, we'll hope Ryan has a first day at playschool. God be with his teacher, I'm not sure he'll be able to stop talking the whole excited.

And low and behold I've figured out why I don't cry at my childrens milestones

Women who drink four cups of coffee a day are 20 per cent less likely to become depressed than women who rarely drink coffee, U.S. researchers said on last week.

Read more:

If 4 cups leaves one "less likely to become depressed" perhaps the amount I drink leaves me unable to shed a tear at all...
Just a theory...that I'll carry on testing

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  1. Evidently I just don't drink enough coffee!! I feel the need for some right now :)