Sunday, November 27, 2011

Can you hear me now?

This morning I started being interrogated about my hearing. I was trying to sit and have a cup of coffee and egg nog when it started.
Nadine (with a book that makes sheep sounds standing right beside me): Mom can you hear this?
Me: Yes
Nadine (muffles the sound making part): Can you hear it now?
Me: Yes I can.
Nadine (moves a few feet away and muffles the book): What about now?
Me: Yep
Nadine (moves yet again further away by a few feet at a time and asks again...repeat procedure...become a bit frustrated that I can still hear it...finally heads upstairs and asks from there): OK can you hear it NOW?
Me: Yes
Nadine (exasperated groan stomps a little further): WHAT ABOUT NOW!?
Me: Nope can't hear it now.
Nadine (to Ryan who's playing upstairs): OK Ryan mom can't hear us if we are here.

Hmmmm, I wondered for a moment if they were trying to find the best place to discuss my Christmas gift? Probably not. But I appreciate her tenacity to finish her experiment.
"Don't give up! If at first you don't succeed...try again!!
She'll be 6 on Wednesday!! Yay for 6!

Ryan continues to try and convince or confuse me into letting him drive. Earlier I think I mentioned him coming into the house while I was busy working on something and tried
Ryan: Hey mom can you throw me the keys to the quad?
Me: What? um, no not right now buddy
Ryan (shrugs as though it was worth a try)

Ryan: Mom I'm older (as I'd told him he needed to be) and I'm ready to be Uncle Doug's driver. I'm really ready for the open road.
Me: I guess I meant a little older still. Big like your cousins.
Ryan (shrugs as though it was worth a try)

Sometimes I wish I could bring myself to buy him a power wheels thing.

Braeden is becoming ridiculously conversational. He loves to sing. He spent most of the other day singing the Hallelujah Chorus, and has spent most of today singing "Yucky yucky me" a song from TV that in fact is "Lucky lucky me" but either way makes me smile.


  1. I love your kids. Between their antics and your descriptions I had a really good laugh.