Wednesday, May 9, 2012

of course I've heard of cows...really??

Today was dance dress rehearsal. The boys, the girl and I headed to town for her to give a go at her dance under the big bright lights of the arena.
While we're driving it's not uncommon for Nadine and Ryan to get into debates. Debates as in how to pronounce Deere... But today we were discussing the name of our school as we left.
Nadine: We go to Valhalla Community School
Ryan: No no that's not it. It's Valhalla Calamity School!
Nadine: No Ryan it's community!!
Ryan: It's not community it's calamity.
volume rises and exchange becomes less congenial.
Me: Guys lets just drop it.

We got to the dance recital and Ryan was thrilled. He thought the performance was great, and he thought it was wonderful.
Ryan: Oh mom I wish backhoes could dance.
Me: Backhoes can't. Boys could but there's no dances for backhoes.
Ryan: Oh that's too bad

After the rehearsal we went to the grocery store. We're a bit of a spectacle at the best of times at the grocery store. For some reason my daughter doesn't think I'm able to hear, thereby she yells every single thing at me. All thoughts, all inquiries are at top volume while she clings to the side of the cart.
Ryan backhoes his way through the grocery store. One loader bucket on the cart (per the rule) and his backhoe bucket digging a trench in front of us while we go.
Today, Braeden's post was in the cart's kid seat. New to today was the backup horn sound he made each time I backed up and as we moved forward through the isles there was wild arm waving while he yelled...
Braeden: Look out! Mom coming!! Coming through!! LOOK OUT!!!

hmmm oh the faith he has in my ability to navigate a cart

Thou shalt not take your children's commentary personally!

On the way home we drove past a fairly common site in our area. That being a pasture full of cows.
Nadine: Mom look a flock of cows
Me: A herd of cows
Nadine: Well of course I've heard of cows
Me: No that's what a group of cows is called
Nadine: That's ridiculous.
Me: It really is...

It's like living in a kids joke book.

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