Sunday, April 24, 2011

I've got brains

I get a real kick out of the perceptions the kids have of different things that are said, more appropriately stated the mis-perceptions they have. Today, Easter Sunday, we were at church singing hymns and I noticed Nadine belting out "I've got brains" which she substituted for "Our God Reigns." Now if I imagine she thinks this I've got brains song is a little...odd really. I'm expecting later to get questioned about that, but maybe not.
Shortly after school started I realized she was singing the Canadian anthem at school, or something resembling it.
"Oh, Canada, our home and naked land....Oh Canada we stand on cars for free, Oh CANADA we stand on CARS FOR FREE!!!!" passionate and exciting displays of patriotism for sure. Displays they often like to share with people at the top of their lungs while they sit in the cart and Costco. curious. But what a great nation where one can stand on cars without any monetary penalty. Good times.

Have a Happy and Blessed Easter everybody :)

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