Friday, April 15, 2011

The plague, the spirit of sibling love, and the consequences of being too good.

We've had the plague at our house for a few days. To hear Braeden tell it, croup sucks I totally agree with him. Poor guy sounds a bit impressive, but aside from being a barking baby he's still able to give me some dance moves, kisses (slimily fantastic) and thereby (among a few other things) I'm confident he's on the mend.
Today he has required some extra snuggling and loving, constant really (as I type with him on my lap). The house sort of looks like a bomb went off and I realize how much of my normal day is devoted to picking up
Anywho. Nadine and Ryan have been gems today. GEMS. As I've been tied up with a sleeping and or crabby peep they've made minimal requests, played nicely without fighting, colored together, read to each other, made a tent upstairs and played in it together nicely. Not one battle that would have required my intervention. All the things you hope for your children to do for you, or not do for you, in your most ideal plan for a day. Thereby when Braeden arose from his nap and was willing to get off my hip for a split few seconds I did 2 things, fed them lunch, and dug out a couple age and gender appropriate toys we have in our impromptu-asked-to-a-birthday stash for them to enjoy and occupy themselves with. Ryan's new loader was a hit.
Ryan: Mom, look at my new loader. Isn't it SO cute!
Me: Absolutely son
Ryan: Lets give ourselves a big thumbs up
Me: smiles and nods speechlessly.

Nadine's new toy horse, also a big hit, but receiving it wasn't without a couple skeptical questions.
Nadine: Why are you giving these to us?
Me: Because you guys have been behaving so well today while Braeden has been feeling rotten and I've been tied up with him and I really appreciate it.
Nadine: Anyways (all of her sentences begin this way as of late) you expect us to keep behaving well?

Interesting question really. Ultimately no I don't expect them to keep behaving so well, I HOPE they will but I definitely don't anticipate that happening. How is one to convey that message though? I wouldn't want to say "no" but yes would lack in truth...hmmmm. So I just smiled at her speechlessly.

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