Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Guanaco can spit distances of up to 6 feet.

A few days ago, I didn't even know a Guanaco was a land animal. Now I know far more about them than I could have ever dreamed. If my oldest son comes to you and says, "hey, I'm a Guanaco" your most appropriate response is, "you're not to spit on me".
Did you know "Guanaco's can spit distances of up to 6 feet. Guanaco's live in the deserts and forests of South (or souse) America." Ryan has been sharing these nuggets of information with me over the last few days. He can tell you an Asian Elephant from an African Elephant. He can tell you that "Giraffes are the tallest of the land animals...they have dark blue tongues." and so much more. Great to know wouldn't you say? He's becoming a walking encyclopedia, a ryanopedia of land animals.
More about Guanaco's

We bought the kids Leapster Explorers for Christmas
I had NO IDEA when people said they were educational games how much smarter the kids would be than me by February...I better tinker around with this thing after they go to bed for a bit and brush up on my land animals...

If they teach the kids that Guanaco's spit distances of up to 6 feet, is it possible that they may also teach that Howler Monkeys coax you to the bottom of the tree their sitting in, in order to pee on you. I'm really going to have to check this leapster out. I don't want to have to change the name of the blog to "no trying to spit distances of up to 6 the house" if it's outside I'd be ok with that, I'd probably compete. Or "no peeing off the stair railing on your siblings AND no climbing up trees to try and pee on your siblings, or anyone else for that matter"
It's possible my "No barking in the house!" mantra may be about to shift, luckily for me they seem to like playing giraffe and playing Giraffe is MUCH quieter than playing dog. All I'll have to do is stock up on lettuce and tuck it in the doors of the lower cabinets so they think they're reaching for vegetation...bittersweet the magic of leapfrog learning.
I'm going to encourage Giraffe, and discourage Guanaco, at least in the's a lot damper and has a way higher eeewwww factor.


  1. Dax is like that with dinosaurs. He can rattle off some 19 syllable dinosaur name and tell you if its a carnivore or herbivore and how fast it runs! He learns it off Dino Dan...maybe I should get the Leapster for variety in random facts!

  2. It's incredible what they can retain isn't it.
    I've been being educated on who's who with regards to herbavore, carnivore, omnivore, and INSECTIVORE???? today
    Nadine's been telling me she's a carnivore, AND she's made of meat. When they were playing upstairs yesterday evening she told her dad her body needed her clothes off because her meat was getting too squishy (that being she was starting to sweat). kids...

  3. that said I actually do really like these leapsters...

  4. I confess I told her she was made out of meat. She asked me if cows were made out of beef etc what were people made out of. She looked at me like I had three heads but must have changed her mind...

  5. I was wondering how she came up with that. The other day I was painting her "thinger nails" and she told me I had missed the nail and got some on the meat...??? now it all comes clear to me :)