Tuesday, January 10, 2012

chicken sick

or so that's what Ryan told me he was,
"I guess I'm chicken sick mom" after I picked him up from playschool. It made me smile for a couple reasons. I know that it's probably classified as bad parenting to smile at your child being called a name at school but first off how can one not smile a little bit at "chicken sick" hahaha actually later I laughed audibly about it, and did again just now. BUT another thing I love about Ryan, to add to the crazy long list of things I love about him is, he didn't really care if one of the other kids thought he was 'chicken sick'. His self image isn't made up of such nonsense caring about others thoughts about him. As he grows up I hope he retains that..."that guy thinks I'm chicken sick, I think that guys wrong". Know what I mean?
It's pretty significant to me that the kids understand that what others think of them bears absolutely zero on what I think of them, God thinks of them, or what they should be thinking about themselves. It's irrelevant, and I really want them to be aware of that.
"You wouldn't care what people thought of you if you realized how seldom they do!" I heard more than once growing up. Really even if they are thinking of me and thinking poorly of me...oh well, it's just not worth the time wasted in thinking about it. It's really not. Moving through life letting what other people think, or say about you affect you is exhausting, unnecessary and pretty ridiculous in my humble opinion. Why not let that go at age 4. It's brilliant!
((To add/clarify his group of playschool kids is awesomely lovely and so is his teacher, I'm thrilled with it!))

I was going to try and write a post Christmas, Christmas letter but I'm really struggling to come up with the organizational skills to do it. So here's a few highlights
Nadine turned 6 in November
       -she's in grade one
       -loves school, reading, math (most days)
       -is in ballet class and loves that
       -plans to become a veterinarian or a zookeeper depending on which day you ask, a plan she made after a trip to the Calgary zoo.
       -she's an absolutely great kid, just great

Ryan will be 5 in February
       -he started playschool this year, hallelujah for the opportunity to ride the bus
       -he still loves loves loves machines and has memorized most of the episodes of mighty machines...he's stopped quizzing me about them though (I think I frustrated him out of that)
       -highlights of the year for him included harvest with Grandpa, hauling grain with Uncle Doug or any time he gets to hang out with his farmer circle and immerse himself in what he loves
       -at the moment he and his brother are running around the house being airplanes yelling "mom check out my fuselage"
       -he's terrific, absolutely terrific

Braeden will be 2 in February
       -oh boy
       -he's a busy little man who will NOT be left behind in any way shape or form to his older siblings.
       -he is thereby often sporting a series of bruises or scrapes
       -he loves sports, machines, and picking at his siblings
       -he's randomly taken up peeing in the toilet.
       -he likes to play the live version of angry birds which involves roaring and 'flying' through the air barrelling head first into the couch.

Tim and I are good. As if I didn't know it before, 2011 made me only more confident that he is in fact completely perfect for me. Each of the 7 year we've been married (as of September) has made me more aware of that and this year was no exception.
He's self employed now which is going really well for us. He has enough requests for his time to fill up the time of many people. I guess it's hard to be really really ridiculously competent and sought after ;) He's still playing hockey every Sunday night and I'm planting the idea of him taking up running again with me and maybe just maybe working toward a local adventure race including kayaking, mountain biking and running :).
We somehow function with very little sleep and an incredible amount of coffee. God bless our children.

I'm still working casual at the hospital and have to work enough to support my camera habit. I'm now back to running thankfully, it really does seem to keep me sane.

Anyway, there's not much else to tell, I am hoping to try and be better at blogging in 2012. I do think of it as a great way to keep some documentation of the great things my kids say, do, achieve, etc...but I seem to say that every month and have never really followed through with that...We'll see.