Monday, January 30, 2012

camels and counterweights

Sometimes it's a daily struggle not to laugh and snort out loud at the kids. I really try not to. Sometimes it's hard.

While reading together with Nadine
Me: Boys are made of frogs and snails and puppy dog tails. Girls are made of sugar and spice and all things nice
Nadine: That is NOT true, we're made of meat and skin.
Me: good point

Braeden (with fingers in his ears): la la la la la (each and every time I start to talk)
I've always thought it's comically unfortunate when kids letter switches when they're learning to talk gravitate toward putting the sound 'f' at the beginning of a lot of words. I do like it when Braeden discusses wanting his favorite meal "funch" but it doesn't play out as well when we're discussing a few other topics...oh well.
This picture reliably makes me smile.

The kid interaction combo is sometimes fantastic. I had to get this next story second hand but I can see it playing out in my head as though I had been there.
The kids like to push chairs together in a row, throw a blanket over top and voila you have Cindy the camel. They ride Cindy across the plains of somewhere-or-other. It's beautiful great time consuming fun, until they begin to disagree on what Cindy may or may not need as far as options. Like parent's disagreeing on whether or not their new vehicle needs built in DVD players or something like that.
Ryan, is proving to be a real little man. Any of the women reading this might well be able to read Nadine's tone of exasperation and Ryan's tone of...well I don't know what word to use to describe it...cluelessness sounds harsh but...

Ryan: I'll install the counterweights
Nadine: Ryan, Cindy does not need counterweights
Ryan: You hold her still while I hammer in the pins
Nadine: Ryan Cindy does NOT NEED counterweights, we're NOT putting counterweights on her!
Ryan (begins installing counterweights)
yet Ryan remains a bit oblivious... :D

well and it goes on from there.

Ya, so Ryan's a real little man. Like other men I know he believes there is no bad angle for which to take a picture of a machine, truck, or bike that he loves. He got a hold of one of my cameras the other day and took a series of about 70 pictures of the red truck. He believes them all to be perfectly fabulous, and really so do I. Here is a very small sample of his work...

And that's that.

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