Monday, January 23, 2012


Nadine: mom I smell something, what is that smell
Me; something
Nadine: you're right that's exactly what I smell.
Me: I'm amazing

Tim was 'magically' pulling a penny out of Nadine's ear this evening. She was quite taken with the idea that her ear was a cash keeper. But how did he do it?!
Nadine: I'm pretty sure Dad shoved that penny in my ear last night when I was in bed
Me: Ya that's probably it.

She tried the trick out on him. It went like this.

Nadine (while shoving a penny IN Tim's ear): Pretend you don't feel this.

she really is a whiz with magic.

And if I could brag honestly for a moment, quite a brilliant little reader. She read me the entirety of "Smelly Socks" this evening before bed and it was quick and it was right. Yay grade 1 :)

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