Thursday, February 2, 2012

a time to speak.

When Nadine gets home from school, or more specifically at dinner time, we try and ask her about her day. Some days she's willing to tell us all about the games they played at recess, the things they did in class and anything else that might leap to mind. Other times my inquiries are irritating for her, and that's ok with me, I understand the feeling when someone is asking you questions and you'd like to tell them to stuff it as opposed to trying to care about the answers.

Me: How was your day at school sweetie
Nadine: Fine
Me: Do anything fun?
Nadine: Ya. You know when I'm at school I sometimes miss you a lot and wish I could talk with you but when I am home I don't really feel that way.
Me *smiles*: got it

What a diplomatic young miss.

I put a lamp in Nadine's room last night in hopes that she could read for a bit to fall asleep instead of working herself up into being freaked out as is the norm. Her having a lamp left Ryan feeling a little lamp less. I reluctantly added a lamp to his room too.
Me: Ryan I'm concerned that if I put a lamp in your room you'll be running around all night
Ryan: No mom. I'll walk.
Me: Oh ok great.

You know when you're trying to teach children that are not quite two some please and thank you skills? There's often the time that they ask for something without the please and then you sing-song a "please" out in hopes that they'll copy you, or you've given them something and you yourself say "thank you" in hopes they'll follow suit. Well Braeden is really quite good at please and thank you. He doesn't often need reminders, sometimes but not always.

Braeden: Mom I wanna orange
Me: Please
Braeden: Please
Me *starts peeling an orange for Braeden thinking I'm really great at this manners teaching and hands
        Braeden an Orange
Me *waits a second*: Thank you
Braeden: Your Wewcom!
Me: hmmm

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