Thursday, February 23, 2012


February is a remarkably busy month, and one I've never liked. February is long...for a short's really really long.
We have a few fun things in February though, thankfully or I'd be right miserable for 28-29 days.
Today Braeden turns 2. Yes 2. Sometimes I forget he's not 3 and sometimes I think 'he just showed up how is he 2' but he is. Today.
We're fairly low key birthday celebrators. The boys had their party (as Ryan turned 5 on Sunday. FIVE. WHAT!) on Monday family day, we had cake, treats, visitors, and a few gifts. Fun was had by all.

Earlier in the month Nadine got the opportunity to recite "Old Mother Hubbard" at the 4H speech night at the school. She and a few of the other kids who are too young yet to be part of the 4H multiclub were asked to recite nursery rhymes or short speeches they'd prepared during the event.
When I asked Nadine if she'd be willing to do it she was quite keen.

Me: Your teacher said you did so well in class reciting your nursery rhyme she was wondering if you'd mind to recite it at the speech night at the school
Nadine (with a bit of thought): I'd LOVE to do that! So would I get up to the microphone and say "Hello I'm Nadine and I'm going to recite for you the nursery rhyme Old Mother Hubbard"?
Me: Um maybe.
Nadine: Hmm that'd be great!

So we went to speech night. The kids speeches and presentations were terrific. Nadine was the second to the last "speaker" which left her a bit of time to be restless and perhaps a bit nervous. But when her name was called up she went to the table that was a bit higher than her and with the help of her principal getting her a stool to stand on she loudly and with a big smile recited the sad tale of Old Mother Hubbard and her poor dog hungry dog. Then there was several minutes of post recitation giggling...

Ryan turned 5. He has had quite a birthday including the Gator that he and his siblings now share with which he can deliver loads of laundry, drive into the kitchen to ask for a snack...I'm looking forward to it heading outside in the spring.

Adam got to know our bird at the party, they became good buddies.

although I realized that I think sweetie (the bird) was eyeing up the cake on Adam's cheek
Incidentally the best gluten free cake to date :)

Ryan: Mom can you help me turn the gator into a flying car.
Me: Not very likely, what do you mean?
Ryan: I mean like the 'thing-a-ma-jigger'
Me: Ya I don't know how to do that. I think we should probably not strive for it to fly anyway.
Ryan: Could you help me get it up the stairs.
Me: no
Here's what he was going for.

Today there was an excavator delivery for Ryan, he was beyond thrilled and now has plans to dig all my potato holes for the garden this spring as well as....well holes absolutely everywhere are in this summers sights. The greatest Brandt Tractor guy ever couldn't have made these boys any happier. :)
What a week!

Yes so Nadine becoming a public speaker, Ryan becoming 5, Braeden becoming 2 and me delving into a few extra things FOR example drooling over photography workshops such as this..., learning more about my camera, making a ridiculous list of things I'd like to get for said camera, learning all the ins and outs of being gluten free, working more than I like to sometimes and less than I like to others....etc, etc, etc has left February whizzing by. So onward toward March.
I've been hoping to win the lottery but given I don't buy tickets my chances remain slim to none...



  1. Terri,
    Your kids are re-donk-u-lously cute! And as always, I love reading your blogs.

  2. That's a WHOLE LOT of precious. Thanks for sharing...I too love reading your posts. :-)