Friday, March 9, 2012

Things of spring.

Yesterday I noticed something interesting on my way to feed the chickens. Well it was one of those moments where you don't notice that something is interesting until a long while later when you have all the pieces available for doing the math.
When I opened the door to leave to go out to feed the chickens and get the eggs I noticed my box of sprouted potatoes outside the basement door. How odd, but maybe it's been there for ages. I thought we were going to plant it this spring but maybe it got put out a while ago? I dunno.
Then on the way  back from the coop with my dozen eggs feeling pretty darn good about life I wondered for a moment where Cleo was. She's almost always hangin around waiting for the egg collecting. Oh well, probably out and about.
Then, Oh look, the kids bike is out on the lawn. Hmmm.
So when I got inside
Me: Ryan did you go into the basement and get the bike?
Ryan: Yes
Me: Oh..

Then later, even later, talking to Tim on the phone.
Me: Have we had those potatoes outside for a while? did you move them out?
Tim: Nope
Me: Hmmm

So I head downstairs to bring the potato box back into the basement, marvelling a bit that Ryan was able to carry it outside and wondering why he did... and who should I find at the bottom of the stairs but Cleo. Yes Cleo, she's been in the basement for about 4+ hours (or that's how long it had been since Ryan had been outside playing)...How on earth did I not hear her?!
Oh Ryan.
So the fact is I've never directly told the kids they shouldn't let the dog in the basement. So I figured it's time to discuss that now.
Me: Ryan, if it ever happens again that the dog ends up in the basement you need to tell me that.
Ryan (looking into my eyes sincerely): Mom...Cleo is in the basement.
Me: ya, thanks buddy

Nadine really likes math, a lot. That's really cool and I enjoy that. She's been quizzing me on a lot of math. Sometimes it's complicated to do sort of impromptu 'mad minutes' while I make dinner. I have to get them right too as the leapster explorer game WILL let her know if I've botched 7X8. phew, so far so good. Although a couple times I've had to pretend I don't hear her right away so I can have a minute to finger...I mean figure it out. :)
While in town today I realized how much she thinks about math. She quizzed Ryan with some math. He actually did pretty good with some of them and a bit of help.
Then while we were in the Wal-Mart parking lot she asked me
Nadine: Mom why is it Wal take away Mart?
We later found the Home Depot, Pick take away Up zone.
Ya she really likes math.
So on the way home we did some more "math sentences"
Nadine: what's 100 kids take away 100 kids
Tim and I in unison: A good night sleep
Nadine: Daaaaaad, mom dad's being a turd right?

Um ya, so last week there was a boy in Nadine's class trying to throw her shoe in the garbage. Totally benign to those of us who are no longer in grade 1 but it can be hard to be the recipient of such attention. So my brilliant maternal advice...
Me: Nadine young boys can act like real turds but that's just how they are, and we just do our best to ignore them.
Nadine: Oh, ok
and she willingly went back the next day. We'll see if that explanation backfires on me somehow later.
Anyway we made the trek to town to stock up on rubber boots and crocs while they are still sold as spring seems to be about to sproing :)


  1. Spilled my coffee I laughed so vigorously... it's wasn't too hot... ;) I truly enjoy your writing style, please don't stop!


  2. Please don't stop!! I look forward to reading. Your definition on boys being turds is excellent. If it backfires, I'll back you up! ;-)