Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The love of stuff.

There's a elated feeling that goes along with watching the snow melt. Here's how that played out yesterday.
Nadine (just getting off the bus): Look at all these rocks. There's a MILLION BILLION to choose from for my collection!!
Tim: Man one day maybe you'll be a geologist.
Nadine: What's a geologist?
Tim: Someone who studies rocks.
Nadine: I don't want to study them, I just want to collect them. I'm going to collect kitties, puppies, horses, and rocks because I like to have lots of stuff. Then one day I'll wake up and be a farmer!

Which really I'm sure you can glean from that description how one would leap to a career in farming when travelling down that path.

Now a bit contrary to a bit of that exchange was the exchange I had with my eldest when leaving for work the other day.
Nadine:  Why did you say you would go there when they phoned? You should have said no.
Me: Well your dad and I work so we can have money to buy food, and do fun stuff, and buy you guys the things you  need.
Nadine: I don't need anything.
Me: Really?
Nadine: and I don't need any food either. We have chickens mom and the chickens make eggs and we can eat the eggs and that's food.
Me: Well yes it is but what about yogurt?
Nadine: I don't like yogurt
Me: Oh? What about bananas?
Nadine: I don't like bananas
Me: What about candy???
Nadine (knowing this is a trick question as I don't buy candy): I don't like candy *grin*
Me: Well I told them I'd come so I have to go.

I wish I'd known at that time that she wanted to collect so many things and was going to wake up one morning and be a farmer. Tim and I better start saving up for that.

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