Monday, March 19, 2012

scalene triangles

Often, my mornings get away from me and I'm left having lunch time sneak up on me with no real great plan. Dang it no leftovers, and crap I've been working so hard at the gluten free-ness but yet sandwiches are so easy.
Enter nachos, the kids new favorite mom-doesn't-have-her-act-together lunch.
Now nachos aren't just no they're very educational, for me.

Ryan: Hey Mom this one is a scalene triangle.
Me: Oh wow ya look at that (heads to google to try and remember which one's scalene again)
Ryan: And mom look this one's a trapezoid, haha that's funny Trapezoid
Me: heh heh ya...funny. (again thanks google...)

I really have some remedial shape recognition to work on.

Nadine and Ryan, well and Braeden too but it's a bit trickier for him, really like to Wii sport. Ryan is the Wii bowling champion. Nadine believes he's cheating because he always wins. Braeden likes to Wii sword fight anyone who is willing to suffer his wrath and you must also be willing to set up his Mii as the point at the screen and hit A is tricky.

Ryan has recently taken up Wii tennis. Now one thing I love about Wii is the Wii Mii's look a lot like the actual living character they're supposed to represent. I love Ryan's Mii. I wish I knew how to post a picture of it here.

Ryan has taken up Tennis and being the smarty-pants that he is he creates a 4 player game and makes all 4 characters the Ryan Mii.
Ryan: Oh man I'm going to lose
Nadine: No Ryan you're everyone so you're going to win for sure!
when the game ends there's a winner standing in the foreground with a big YOU WIN across the screen, and a loser who is in the background hanging their Mii head in shame. With all 4 characters being Ryan...well
Nadine: You win some, you lose some.

Oh man what a group.

So that's how it is here. We patiently wait for real spring, the opportunity to go running outside with the kids while they drive the gator. The new chickens, the garden...even the mud :) We've got a new excavator and we're quite excited to excavate. Well some of us are a bit scared of the excavating potential but that's generally overshadowed by the keen anticipation of impending excavation...Woot woot!

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