Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cardboard engineering

Nadine got a hold of a large Cheerio box. Her request was to convert it into a kitty house. A place for her animals to sleep. For a kid who doesn't sleep much it's amazing how important it is to her that her stuffed animals get an adequate, even an exceptionally large amount of sleep. She will lovingly tuck one or many animals into her Cheerio sanctuary lean her beaming face up to the door and say "I love you guys." It's really sweet. She is such a sweet and tender girl. We're all to "keep it down would ya" when her animals are sleeping. Not a practice she sees any need in applying in circumstances when her brothers, or parents are sleeping.

Perhaps she wants to have them well rested for their job as night watch peeps. You see if the monsters in the night get past the first line of her peeps, and even past the second line, there's a couple goons right by the foot of her bed to save the day.

Then Ryan was the lucky recipient of a large Cheerios box. His plans were to build a machine shed. A shed just like Uncle Doug's. Though he was hopeful I could build a set of by-fold doors for it just like Grandpa's shop has. Unfortunately my skill in cardboard construction is limited to making holes and removing pieces, maybe a bit of tape to make a pointy roof with the already existing flaps. By-fold doors would definitely be beyond my skill set. Thankfully Ryan tolerates me anyway. He tucked all his equipment into his new machine shed, leaned his beaming face in by the door and said "I love you guys"

I don't presently have a third Cheerios box for Braeden to request a modification to. Thankfully, I'm a bit concerned that he would request a catapult making him better able to fling his food from his high chair tray when he's finished his meal. Two problems with that would be; I don't need the food to go any farther, and I think that would involve some assembly, I can't see how holes and cardboard removal would ever have me end up with a catapult. I would be curious if he would send the food off with an admiring "I love you guys" but that's probably never going to be known. He is, however, well on his way to becoming a boy who loves coffee. I have to fight him for it a little bit, although on this one particular occasion he ended his smelling of my coffee by hocking a big spit into it...what a guy :)


  1. Pretty creative! Love the tuck tape holding the peaks together! And the coffee... I'm hoping it got dumped after the big spit episode! :)

  2. The coffee did kind of eeeewww me out after it was hocked in so I started fresh :) thank you speedy Tim Hortens coffee maker :)