Saturday, March 12, 2011

Filtcher, the identity crisis continues.

Thankfully it was a beautiful day out today. Time to ditch the cabin fever and head outside. We've been a bit cooped up lately and that catches up to us. Our kids were made to be outside as much as possible. Though playing "video game playing puppies" can pass some time on a -35' indoor day.

The kids thoroughly enjoy any time they can spend outside and so do I (for both them and me), especially when all the appropriate factors align just so and Braeden and I can get outside as well.

And we gain the dogs attention by tempting them with cookies.
And we climb up the "snowy mountains"

After a few trips up the man made snow peaks in our yard and some time spent entertaining the dogs...and the human dogs...I was asked by my oldest child. "Mom, aren't you getting chilly?"
"Well a little bit but I'm not too bad." was my response.
"You should go inside and pour yourself a cup of coffee" she advised.
I agreed, given I was just thinking about topping up my caffination. "Stay in front of the house where I can see you guys through the window, ok?"
"um, you'll be watching though the window?" Nadine asked me.
"Yes" I replied
"Could you not?" she asked
"Why what are you planning to do?" I replied
"Nothing that we wouldn't be allowed to do." she tried to say convincingly
"Just stay in front by the house please."

After they came inside my apparent ineptitude at naming children continued to be apparent. After the great fiasco of not thinking of naming Ryan 'Helen' it has now been brought to my attention that Nadine was really destined to be called Filtcher.
Nadine: "Mom why didn't you name me Filtcher?"
Me: "I had never heard of the name Filtcher when we named you Nadine. I also really liked the name Nadine."
Nadine: "Can we name me Filtcher now?"
Me: "Well no, but you could pretend to be Filtcher. Then some day when you grow up and have a little girl you can name her Filtcher"
Nadine: "Well that would be just ridiculous!"
Me: "Yes I suppose you're right."

Filtcher, for those of you who are not aware, is Bob the Builders cat, well at our house anyway. Evidently his real name is Pilchard but try to tell them that.
So although our identity crisis continues, I'm sure of one thing, these kids are growing up really quickly and I am sure trying to enjoy the ride.


  1. What did she do when you weren't supposed to be looking?!! The curiosity is killing me!!

  2. I don't actually know, that never became evident.

  3. It makes perfect sense because fun cannot happen when a parent is watching. It fizzles away as soon as it becomes apparent that there is supervision. Just my observation...