Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I'm sorry, that is not the correct answer

This is Ryan's new politically correct form of disagreeing with me. Disagreeing about going home when he'd rather not, snack negotiations, bedtime. He also uses it when he's quizzing me about mighty machines, road construction, or the difference between various types of bridges. Lately we've had some heavy duty road construction under way at our house. The odd bridge is thrown in for good measure.
Bob the Builder has been teaching us about Roads and Bridges at our house. I hope to pay closer attention in hopes of doing better on the pop quizzes.
"Mom do you know what stage one is?" asked Ryan
Racking my brain, and trying to recall the song, I foolishly guessed making a plan.
"I'm sorry, that is not the correct answer. FIRST you make a plan nice and clear so everyone knows your brilliant idea, but STAGE ONE is digging" I was informed.


Most of our roads are made of playdoh here. The great thing about playdoh roads is once you've with it for long enough it becomes perfect for stage 2, which as it was laid out to me, is building a foundation. Rocks, hard playdoh is perfect...perfect. It also seems to make a great snack for Braeden but I try and discourage that.
Thanks to a couple February boys birthdays, and an uncle who 'chose to de-clutter his office', we've recently developed an awesome arsenal of road construction equipment. Fantastic :)
and the little backhoe has seen better days.

The phrase "I'm sorry, that is not the correct answer" is most likely to be used when I'm failing at machinery quizzes, perhaps because I get a lot of these quizzes and I'm not evidently very good at them.
There's often a distressed form of "I'm sorry that is not the correct answer" when we're on our way home from Grandma's or Auntie Jo's house, then it's definitely not the correct answer :(
Bedtime is not usually the correct answer, lack of a snack in light of it being too close to get the idea.
Nadine isn't fond of being told she has uttered an incorrect answer. Prefaced with the 'I'm sorry' doesn't seem to make the 'that is not the correct answer' any more appealing when coming from her brother. Ultimately it just means he asked the wrong question.

With that said, it's a nice way to be disagreed with. It seems less defiant or oppositional when put that way. I think I'm going to apply it to my opportunities to disagree with people. We'll see what kind of responses I receive :)

Unrelated...I got a new camera, so here's what we look like today :)

I could go on and on about how much I love this new camera, but I'll just leave it at the fact that I think it's fantastic!

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