Monday, March 7, 2011

Frozen metal and tongues

There are several things I'd like to be able to teach my kids without them having to experience it first hand. For example the 80's are not worth revisiting...
Tonight at supper one of those things came up. "So mom...what would you do if your tongue was stuck to a bike?" Nadine asked me. This inspired a discussion about tongues and metal. A discussion I had with Ryan a few times earlier this winter. We cried, her with tears of sore tongue and me with tears of trying not to laugh and look insensitive.
I told her the story Stewart McLean tells about Dave sticking his tongue to the antenna on their roof, we laughed a bit.
I also recalled one of my cousins mentioning to me that she spent a winter with her son making sure to carry a cup of warm water with her wherever she went, definitely worth considering. I considered doing that earlier this year with Ryan who seemed to like to affix his tongue to metal here and there. He seems to have either given it up or stopped telling me about it. I'll be curious to see if Nadine has learned that lesson or will revisit the cold metal.
Spring can't come soon enough. Although, I'd like it to wait long enough for Ryan to no longer consider himself an insectivore...Spring will be bittersweet if he has not moved past that.
And in other news while standing by the tub waiting for his bath Braeden pee'd in my slipper. I'd also like to teach the kids that peeing in peoples footwear is ultimately not very socially acceptable. But really I'm not always totally socially acceptable either :)
Good day all around

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  1. Pee dries. At least it wasn't the other! Thanks for making me laugh again this morning, it doesn't happen often enough around here... :)