Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Human nature and video games

So I highly recommend the handheld Leapfrog games we have for our older kids. I'm not much for kids and video games. I'd far rather kids play, inside or outside I'd FAR rather they were active and using their imagination. On a long car ride, or in the midst of a long stretch of -40' weather, or on a day when we all feel like crud I'm going to say they are the bomb. That is unless you have a child that likes to wash stuff. sigh.

Now obviously if I had been more aware of what my oldest wonderful darling beautiful and smart child was doing, her games and game machine would not have gotten washed. We have talked about washing toys and the appropriateness, or more to the point the lack of appropriateness of washing electronic toys. This wasn't our first time at the sink. Nadine likes to wash stuff. A trait she did not inherit from me but I digress. She's keen to clean, I hope it stays that way for a long long time :)
But when we have discussed not washing electronics, and she continues to wash, submerge and scrub them...what's a mom to do. I'll tell you what I do, I get on the treadmill.
Long story short, I figured out that I really don't want my children to think it is a greater offense to break or wreck something, than it is to, for example, lie, be mean or rude to others, etc etc. Stuff is stuff, people are important. I'm ashamed to admit it took me 4 miles to come to that conclusion.
Now although we had to address the fact that we were well aware that washing the electronics wasn't really a good idea I also wanted to reinforce the stuff is stuff concept. "Did you know that I wouldn't be very happy if you washed these toys" I asked. "Um, yes my brain did tell me that" I received in return. "Ok well lets remember to pay attention to that next time".
Our brain didn't apparently mention that picking at our brother until he's so angry he could scream in the car was a bad idea yesterday. It may have been silent on the issue. Human nature is apparently WAY louder than our conscience when we're...well any age... BUT when I mentioned that when we got home "Nadine you'll be heading straight to your room." Her brain did think to tell me several miles and some thought later "mom getting sent to my room doesn't help to make me be kinder to Ryan". I kick myself for not asking what it would have been that would have helped her to do that. I am afraid the answer may have been pink pony's, bunnies, and a zebra. "People are important, our family is part of that rule" I remind
"Um, Ryan, could I have a hug when we get home?"
Good thing that 99% of the time they are very good friends.

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